Missed [BLOG]

Missed by Brian Kennedy

lonely man leaning against a wall in an empty parking lot

I never missed a shot of meth.

I always hit, just having the type of veins that made it easy…

When I am helping someone get into treatment. One of the first things addicts say to me, “man I wish I had your veins.”

But the truth is I did miss all the time.

I missed birthdays, holidays, family dinners. My kids never got to say goodbye to me when I went to jail.

The night my grandma passed, she asked me to come see her. For three days, I didn’t because I was high. I’ll never have chance again to say goodbye to her. She was my rock.

I missed my opportunity for a good education.

I missed my home, my friend, my family. Hell, I missed almost 15 years of my life.

I missed my future and my present.

I missed myself.

Truth is, even when you hit, you’re always missing. Meth is nothing but a demon that will suck the soul out of you causing you to miss everything, I promise.

Since I’ve gotten clean, I’ve missed nothing.

You can’t miss if you don’t shoot.

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