Education and Employment


Choosing to go back to get an education is a huge decision. Before you dive into something, be sure to talk with our Education & Employment Specialist to learn more about what programs are just right for you. Not only do you want to choose something you can enjoy for your lifetime, but you should also know that there are many grants and scholarship programs out there for people in your exact scenario. Let us help you plan your future.


Common Conerns with Returning to Work

This is one of the top concerns for new moms thinking of going back to work. Know that there are resources out there for people in your exact scenario. The link below gives the map for the most prevalent source of childcare help in your area.

West Virginia Child Care Resource and Referral Agency Areas

Remember, some of the best things in life will not always come easy. It is important to continue working your recovery program when adapting any changes in your life, but especially one that may be a bit more stressful than others. Below is a resource to give suggestions for things to keep in mind when beginning this journey. Also remember that choosing a job that is right for you will make less stress on yourself, so talk to the Education/Employment Specialist to help you narrow down the position that is right for you.

How to Balance Work with Recovery from Addiction

Everyone has skeletons in their closet, so never be embarrassed about your own. You may be surprised to know that you do NOT have to disclose a prior substance abuse disorder to your future employers. The only way this may come up before accepting a new position is if that disorder included criminal charges. And, you may also be surprised to learn that there are possible ways to get some things expunged from your record for small misdemeanors. The link below will help give you an idea of some of your basic rights as an employee.

Do You Have an Addiction History? Know Your Rights at Work

It is NEVER too late to learn something new to better yourself…including going back to school or the workforce. Did you know, the average person changes careers 12 times in their lifetime. Did you also know that in a recent study showed that ¾ of all students were identified as having “non-traditional” characteristics? This means that people just like you are becoming the norm. The links below will provide guidance in considering what you may like to pursue as a career or whether you may want to look at furthering you education to meet your future career goals: