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WV Resources

  • College Foundation of West Virginia
    website is a free college and career planning resource that helps students and families plan, apply, and pay for college.
  • Community & Technical College System of WV
    provides info about WV Community & Technical Colleges
  • WV Adult Education
    helps adult learners gain skills needed to obtain a job, advance in their current job, or enter a new career field.
  • Pathways to the Future
    is a collection of resources, tools and people to help students with disabilities, through the journey from youth to adulthood.
  • West Virginia Invests
    state funded grant program which offers full tuition payment (after all other grants/scholarships) to individuals who are wanting to go to a certificate program or 2 year degree program. Priority for funding given to high demand fields.
  • Catholic Charities of WV
    provides free courses statewide for preparedness with testing including TASC and Adult Basic Education
  • WV Workforce
    Provides information and resources to assist adults in gaining training and education needed for a career. Has assessments to determine what field would be a good fit.
  • Higher Education Adult Part Time Student (HEAPS) Grant
    Grant for part time adult students to encourage and enable West Virginia students that demonstrate financial need to continue their education on a part-time basis at the post-secondary level.

National Resources

  • TASC Test
    offers various resources for individuals looking to complete the TASC test including practice exams, testing tips, and background information
    Offers monthly membership packages for test prep, study tools, and online college courses. Cost for college courses is $199/month with the ability to take two courses per month. The courses are lower level classes which would be required for entry into a program (I.e english 101, math 101, etc…) credits are then transferred to the school of your choice. Has a section devoted to helping the student choose a degree program. Site also offers career advice and research about potential careers.
  • Get Educated
    provides resources regarding higher learning. Article attached discusses schools which accept life experience as college credits pros/cons
  • Quizlet
    App students can download for free which provides millions of existing study sets and flashcards.
  • Evernote
    App to utilize for class notes and general day to day checklists. Basic version is free, premium version allows syncing of all devices and allows for attachments.
  • Study Blue
    the largest crowdsourced study library, with over 400 million flashcards, notes and study guides from students like you. Make and share study materials, search for recommended study content from classmates, track progress, set reminders, and create custom quizzes. Basic version is free, premium is $10 per month
  • My Homework
    Free App which allows the students to keep track of their assignments
  • Toggl
    Free app with premium upgrades which allows students to keep track of their time and assists with organization
  • Noodle
    Provides hundreds of articles for individuals to assist in deciding career paths, possible schooling options, finances, and more. Can create an online profile to link with other students, professionals, and potential schools
  • Should you Go Back to School as an Adult?
    Article discussing the positives and negatives of returning to higher education as an adult
  • Understanding Financial Aid
    Resource from the federal government to identify what financial aid is and what assistance you could potentially qualify for
  • Going Back to College as an Adult: Here’s what you need to know
    Article discussing adults returning to higher education.
  • What Motivates Adult Students to Return to College
    Article weighing pros and cons of going back to school
  • Traditional Learning vs. Online Learning
    Compare/contrast the differences between traditional learning and online learning
  • Choosing a Vocational School
    Resource for assistance in determining if vocational school is a right fit
  • The Hope Gap
    Resource assisting adults in overcoming barriers to return to school
  • Facing your Fears of Returning to School as an Adult
    Resource identifying barriers adults face and how to overcome them.
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