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WV Resources

  • Strengthening Families WV
    a resource to assist in increasing family stability, enhancing child development, and reducing child abuse and neglect
  • RDVIC Morgantown
    Rape and Domestic Violence information Center in Morgantown. Can provide shelter and resources to women
  • Hope, Inc
    Rape and Domestic Violence Shelter in Fairmont – they offer housing, career assistance, counseling, clothing assistance, and more for women who have experience rape and/or DV, as well as their children.
  • Mission West Virginia
    A guide to Navigating Resources and benefits for Relative/Kinship Caregivers in WV
  • WV DHHR Adoption/Foster Parents Information
    website lists the requirements for becoming a foster/adoptive parent in WV. Provides general information regarding adoption, specialized family care, and foster care in WV.
  • WV DHHR Kinship Care Information
    DHHR defines what kinship care is and provides information on determining if you would be appropriate for kinship care.
  • West Virginia Foster Parents Say they need more support
    Article from foster parents in West Virginia identifying the lack of information and support available to them to provide care for an infant diagnosed with NAS.
  • KVC West Virginia Foster Parent Resource Library
    Resource library for foster parents in WV including parenting resources, information on becoming a foster parents, and behavioral health resources
  • West Virginia Foster Care and Adoptive Care training
    Resource which provides a variety of training options for foster/adoptive parents including connecting with resources and building positive relationships with children.
  • Mission WV
    Foster Care Resource which has two programs to work together to create a strong community of foster/adoptive parents throughout WV.
  • West Virginia Judiciary Guide for Foster Parents: Advocating for the Best interest of the child
    Article reviewing how to be an advocate for your foster/adoptive children to ensure their best interests are met.
  • WV DHHR Foster Care Policies and Procedures
    Resource reviewing all the policies and procedures for being a foster parents in West Virginia.
  • The Time is Now
    Video discusses the process under Chapter 49 of WV Code. It explains how the court system and professionals involved make reasonable efforts to work with parents and reunite families. It emphasizes that time is of the essence, and parents’ rights may be terminated if in their children’s best interests.

National Resources