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WV Resources

  • Center for Excellence in Disabilities
    Provides services and supports to West Virginians with disabilities through programs and clinics, training and research
  • WV DHHR Waiver Listings and Applications
    link includes all Medicaid Waiver options in the state including the eligibility requirements and the applications or contact information for application.
    West Virginia’s current administrative services organization for all Medicaid Waiver programs within the state. Has all resources needed regarding Waiver programs, application processes, contact information, Waiver manuals, provider list options, and more.
  • Northern West Virginia Center for Independent Living (NWVCIL)
    advocate for people with disabilities through education and promotion of equal opportunities and freedom of choice. NWVCIL also has a warehouse of items they can offer for free that are special medical needed items such as shower chairs, lifts, wheelchairs. Items the individual may not be able to obtain through Medicaid. Contact the office and they can identify if they have items available.
  • WV DHHR Children with Special Healthcare Needs
    advances the health and well-being of children and youth with certain chronic, debilitating conditions by providing specialized medical care and care coordination services to children under 21 years of age who meet financial and medical eligibility criteria. Website under construction but has contact information for the program.
  • Disability Rights of WV
    private non-profit agency dedicated to protecting and advocating for the legal rights of West Virginians with disabilities
    Offering ABLE accounts to individuals with disabilities which are tax free, SSI benefits are not impacted, and can utilize a card to access funds. Program available through the West Virginia Treasury Department
  • A Parent’s Advocacy Guide to Special Education Rights (2419 Education policy companion)
    an educational resource to assist parents in advocating for their children as a companion piece to the 2419 educational policy

National Resources