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Adult Education & Employment


Many individuals identify they are not happy with their current career or wish they could return to higher education, but don’t feel they can due to barriers. This module provides an overview on identifying your specific goals related to education and employment and identifying the steps you can take to achieve those goals. Lesson 101 contains information on how to identify your goals related to education and employment. Lesson 201 contains information on options available within education and employment and how you can address any barriers which may arise. Lesson 301 identifies more specifics on applying to higher education and/or applying to the career you have chosen.
a graphic of cogs in a machine labeled education, employment, goals and vision


The following are courses for both families and providers. Choose the modules that more closely reflect you and your interest. For instance, if you are a provider and registered as such, click the series for providers. If you are a family member and have a different connection to this topic, choose the series for families. If you have additional questions about how to navigate education & employment services, the IMPACT WV project has a specialist who can help you connect to other services and supports.